Direct Mail

Personalised letters delivered directly into the home



Direct mail is the most targeted of all offline media. It is the perfect opportunity to get your company’s name, message and product in the hands of customers.

Whether it is buying lists from “look-a-like” companies or tapping into prospect pools, direct mail offers a highly data led level of segmentation and targeting.

At Blue Market Media, we use your customer data to ensure that we are targeting as effectively as possible. In addition to demographic data we use prospect pools that give us insight into an individual's online and shopping behaviour meaning that your message lands with the right people, at the right time.


As well as coded sales, our data team completes matchback analysis on sales vs. those mailed so we can ensure that we know exactly what ROI we are seeing from your direct mail campaign.

Direct Mail is ideal when used in conjunction with other offline media such as inserts and door drops. In fact, we have seen a 40% increase in response when direct mail is delivered to the same recipient that has received a door drop in the weeks beforehand.

Due to the effectiveness and agility of direct mail and the ability to target geographically, direct mail is also great when used alongside above the line channels such as TV, radio and press advertising.

Why Direct Mail?


Direct mail can be personalized to each individual recipient leading to a higher engagement and a better response.


Customers have more trust in content delivered by the Royal Mail than via e-mail, digital and social advertising.


There are multiple formats that make direct mailing so versatile. From postcards to brochures, there is always a format to fulfil your marketing needs.

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