Door Drops

Highly targeted leaflets delivered through the customer's door


Reach nearly all households in the UK, with a potential pool of 28 million homes.

Door drops are delivered straight to the home where most purchasing decisions are made. On average, they stay in the home for 38 days and 92% of all door drops delivered are read by inhabitants.

Using door drops gives you the media to target customers that you may not be able to reach via digital marketing.

"The younger generation are engaging with door drops because it’s a novelty to get a physical item."

(Sonia Hitzelberger, Mailmen, 2017)

"Door Drops are the only channel that can offer 100% coverage of your desired area."

(Gavin Wheeler, Mailmen, 2017)


Front door

Using targeting software such as Experien Mosaic, FSS Experien and TGI you can communicate with people based on a socio-demographic and shopping habits.

Door drops are highly trackable through voucher codes and attribution modelling meaning you can see your return on investment.

With door drops you can refine your target audience to the postal sector level anywhere in the UK.

Cutting Edge

Door drops are highly targeted and drive on average three times as much response as other offline media. Don’t just take our word for it – advertisers spent £246.6 million in 2016.

Why door drops?


Supports ATL channels geographically - with this direct response media you can assess the effect of both above and below the line channels.


Creative freedom! If it fits through the post box, you can get as creative as you want with your leaflet design.


Opportunities to send samples to potential customers – something that is not possible with other offline media.

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