Using online search behaviour to target potential shoppers


Are your AdWords or social media campaigns underperforming?


Blue Market Media's PPC team is dedicated to proving their value to you every step of the way. With our unique approach to PPC you are guaranteed great results.

PPC can influence a customer's decision making process as it is the final interaction a customer may have before deciding between you and a competitor and now more than ever it's vital to ensure your brand is visible.


PPC is all about constant optimisation and testing, our team will analyse the results and regularly update you on the progress as well as continuously improve your campaign.

Everything is measurable from the impressions your ads will receive, clicks you will get, visits to your website and conversions.



The decisions we make are backed up by market-led data to get the most out of your campaigns. There are no ‘hunches’ or ‘gut instincts’, just a combination of tried and tested techniques and scientific analysis.

Most importantly however, you’ll receive real insight and a hands-on approach to your campaign – we never automate and you are in complete control of your spend!

Why PPC?


Only pay for the traffic that's driven to your site. Our experienced team will manage your campaign from start to finish.


Beat your competition by getting to the top of the rankings. Meaning you don't miss out on new leads.


See results immediately, with PPC you can be up and running as soon as you're ready.

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