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Blue Market Media has specialist knowledge of the press market, unearthing some of the most niche and responsive titles in the UK.

As circulations reduce, demographic targeting is even more important than ever before to ensure your campaign is as effective as possible. We know where to position your advert to get the most standout for the best price in the premium positions of any given newspaper or magazine.

Used in conjunction with above the line channels such as TV and radio or added to the below the line mix with inserts, door drops and direct mail, press advertising will enhance and refine your advertising.


Whether you're looking to drive awareness and reach the masses or drive sales, Blue Market Media can help you get the results you need.

Why press?


Fast results - Newspapers have extremely short turnaround times so you can expect results quickly.


Large audience & brand awareness – you can reach thousands of potential customers with a single publication.


Flexibility - Take advantage of our short term deals alongside the ability to position your advert exactly where you want in order to maximise response.

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