About us

We’re a client-focused, entirely independent media agency in the heart of London. We work with like-minded, accelerating brands whose current advertising has become too expensive and hard to build upon.

Through an impassioned team of media strategists, we’re challenging the traditional formats of offline media. Our belief is that media planning should be data-driven, transparent and most importantly; measurable.

Our story

“All the old agencies were talking too much and delivering too little.”

Why we started

Frustrated by an industry we love; we were compelled to break off and deliver something progressive, deviating from the standard agency formula that’s become all too familiar.

As an independent, we’re free to work in our own way across the UK, US, and Europe.

How we’re different

Our point of difference is simple; we couldn’t believe that nobody else was doing it.

We’re re-engineering proven forms of offline advertising and combining them with the might of modern technologies. The relationships between consumers and brands have changed; the participation
era has arrived.

Some facts about us

Our proven track record in direct response advertising speaks for itself.

£60 Million

Revenue generated for our customers

165 Million

Inserts placed in 2021


Year-on-year company growth

Don't just rely on digital channels

We’ve found that some emerging brands are relying solely on digital marketing as their only customer acquisition channel, and that it’s costing them more and more money per new customer.

As much as we love digital marketing, we understand the necessity of “don’t put all your eggs in one basket”. By bridging the gap between media channels, we’re able to get brands on the most efficient path to growth, quickly.

What our customers say about us

Blue Market Media have been an absolute find for us! Not only are they great guys to work with, they’ve helped streamline our whole marketing process – it’s so easy now. Would definitely recommend!

Rob Davies

Their help has been invaluable and we would not be where we are today if it was not for the team at Blue Market Media. Would highly recommend if you’re looking to get more customers on board, regardless of your budget!

Jessica Howard

We would recommend Blue Market Media to everyone! We have utilised their in depth knowledge of the Insert market to plan and execute campaigns successfully over and over again.

Alastair Wakem
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