Bulk Mailing

When you want to make a huge impact, mass mailing packs a serious punch. With the ability to reach a large number of people at a reduced rate, this unsung superhero in the realm of marketing is favoured by brands that want to reach a wide audience, without breaking the bank.

An invaluable asset in the marketer’s toolkit, mass mailing can help you to:

  • Save money. By taking advantage of bulk rates, you can benefit from discounted printing and postage.
  • Boost engagement. Encouraging recipients to take a specific action, such as making a purchase, signing up for an event, or requesting more information, mass mailing can boost engagement rates, and your bottom line.

However, to make an impact, leave a lasting impression, and achieve your marketing goals, mass mailing campaigns need to be carefully planned and targeted. That’s where we come in.

Book Your Bulk Mailing Consultation

With years of experience offering high-impact bulk mailing services, whether you’re launching a new product, promoting a service or need to get important information out to particular postal areas, we’ll help you reach a large audience and generate new leads.

Whether you want to send out 10k or 500k+ mailing, we offer a comprehensive, all-in-one bulk mailing solution that our competitors can’t match.

  • Turnkey Service – we manage design, print and distribution.
  • National Reach – of up to 30 million properties across all UK postcodes.
  • Customer Profiling – maximise ROI by only reaching your target audience.
  • Fast Turnaround – quick and efficient turnaround for all mailing campaigns.

Book your free mass mailing distribution consultation by calling us today on 020 3538 9753 or complete our website enquiry form.

Our Mass Mailing Services

Empowering businesses of all shapes and sizes to achieve their marketing goals, our bulk mailing services generate impressive results. And, in an industry rife with charlatans who make grand promises but deliver little, we show how it should be done with integrity and professionalism.

From asset design and copywriting to meticulous campaign planning and seamless execution, we make your mass mailing projects seem easy.

Quality Printing

Looking to maximize the effectiveness of your direct mail campaigns? Look no further. Our mailing house provides premium printing services at competitive rates, ensuring you get the best value for your money.

We understand the importance of making a positive first impression, which is why we pride ourselves on delivering quality printing solutions to our clients. Our optimized printing process not only guarantees clear, legible, and easy-to-read messages, but also ensures you always benefit from the best possible price.

In addition to quality, we value efficiency. With our quick turn-around time, your assets will be printed and delivered to Royal Mail within a week. Experience the difference of high-quality printing and give your direct mail campaigns the boost they deserve.

Customer Profiling

Customer profiling is vital to a successful mass mailing campaign. But to transform a generic outreach into a personalised connection demands more than just addressing people by name. Instead, your direct mail campaign should connect meaningfully with each individual recipient.

By meticulously getting to grips with their demographics, preferences, and behaviours, we ensure that your messages and offers align with the specific needs and interests of your target audience. So you capture attention and resonate on a personal level.

Mailing Lists

When it comes to bulk mail marketing, a robust mailing list is one of the most important assets a business can have. A well-curated mailing list:

  • Allows you to precisely target your desired audience
  • Lets you add a personal touch to enhance the likelihood generating a positive response
  • Ensures your marketing collateral reaches those individuals who are more likely to be interested in your products or services
  • Ensures you stay connected with your audience over time, fostering trust and loyalty.

Concerned about GDPR? We can remove that burden from your shoulders. At Blue Market Media, we provide GDPR-compliant mailing lists that let you reach new customers without having to worry.

Data Cleansing

While a bulk mailing list is the foundation of a successful mass mail campaign, you can’t just create it and forget it. The key is to check, refine, and update your data before each distribution.

Keeping your mailing list updated, we ensure your messages are delivered to the right people at the right locations, enhancing the relevance of your campaign. We also help to reduce your postage and printing expenses by not wasting any of your valuable mailers!

What’s more, because mailing to incorrect addresses can harm your brand’s reputation, we ensure that your data always reflects the professionalism of your business.

Collateral Design

Having an eye-catching and memorable design is essential if you want to make a positive and lasting impression. Successful design should also ensure your messages are conveyed clearly and concisely, with persuasive and easy-to-read text positioned to improve readability and flow.

Helping you make a positive impression, our experienced and creative graphic designers create bespoke mailers that capture the essence of your brand. And we ensure that all our designs drive engagement and boost response rates!

Mail Pre-sorting

Time for an insider tip! Did you know that pre-sorting can get you discounts from Royal Mail? It’s true! When you organise your mass mailing materials based on postcodes (making it easier for postal workers to do their jobs), Royal Mail rewards you with cost-saving perks!

It’s a savvy strategy. But while pre-sorting comes with discounted postage rates, it’s not quite that simple. In truth, it’s a demanding task that can devour weeks of your time. The sheer arduousness of the process often prevents many businesses from tapping into these super-savings.

But fear not! At Blue Market Media we take care of your mass mailing pre-sorting for you.  So all you have to think about is the discounts you will receive!

Mass Mailing Cost Savings

While cost effective, the expense of bulk mailing can mount up. Especially if you are mailing to many thousands of people. But a trusted direct mail company should offer some simple ways to make the process more economical.

For example, when you work with us, we ensure you benefit from:

  • Reduced Mailing Rates. We help you take advantage of any discounted rates offered by the postal service. For example, pre-sorting your mail and mass mailings can deliver significant savings
  • Data Cleansing. By ensuring that your mailing list is accurate and up to date, we ensure you don’t waste resources
  • Targeted Campaigns. We ensure you always reach the most relevant audience. So, you benefit from improved response rates and greater ROI
  • Print Efficiency. We optimise the printing process so you always benefit from the best possible price.

Bulk Mailing Personalisation Options

Even when targeting a large audience, you can still tailor your marketing messages to individual recipients within your mailing list. Helping you inject a personal touch that enhances engagement, here are just some of the bulk mailing personalisation options to consider:

Personalised Salutations

Addressing people by their names might be simple, but such personalisation helps create a connection and grabs the recipient’s attention from the start.

Customised Content

By tailoring your marketing communications based on recipient demographics, preferences, or past interactions, you can create content that resonates with specific segments of your audience and boost engagement rates.

Depending on a range of relevant factors, we can help you select those offers, images, or messages that are likely to be best received. And using variable data printing (VDR), we can help you to personalise text, images, and other elements within each printed piece.

Partially Addressed Mail (PAM)

Don’t have the names of the individual recipients you want to target? That’s not a problem. We can help you send mass unaddressed mail to all the households in a specific area, based on a combination of geographic and demographic criteria.

With PAM, you can:

  • Target a certain demographic or geographic (based on factors such as location, age group, income level, etc.)
  • Reach your audience without worrying about the privacy concerns associated with addressing individuals by name
  • Strike a balance between personalisation and broad reach, making it a useful option for businesses looking to connect with specific demographics or geographic segments.

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    Assisting with all your direct mail design, printing and delivery requirements, our specialist direct mail company offer a strategic and consultative approach to help maximise your marketing objectives. Book your free direct mail consultation with Blue Market Media today.

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    Sending Mass Mailers - FAQs

    What is bulk mailing?

    Bulk mailing involves sending a large volume of identical or similar mail pieces to a targeted group of people. It is a cost-effective way for brands of all sizes to reach a wide audience. Bulk mailing is often used to raise awareness, generate leads, and promote products or services.

    By offering discounted savings on print and postage, bulk mailing is a cost-effective marketing strategy. What’s more, according to the ANA, direct mail offers a higher return on investment compared to other channels such as digital marketing or advertising. This makes bulk mailing distribution an attractive option for small or medium-sized businesses looking to promote their offerings at an affordable price.

    The estimated time for bulk mail delivery depends on several factors, including the type of mailing, the destination, and any additional services or options chosen. When you appoint us, we’ll go through the process with you to ensure you understand all the timescales involved.

    Our minimum delivery is 10,000 mailers.

    We’ve got everything you need to get your message out there and make an impact. This includes:

    • Expert advice. Our experienced team carefully analyses your ideas and needs, and suggests the most effective type of leaflet distribution to ensure maximum engagement and ROI

    • Market research. Ensuring we target the people most likely to be interested in what you offer, we can strategically identify the areas and postcodes where your ideal customers are located

    • Design. Our experienced graphic designers will work closely with you to create bespoke leaflet designs that maximise results

    • Print. You can rest assured that you’ll receive top-notch printing service for an affordable price with every mass mailing campaign

    • Delivery. Our comprehensive distribution network covers all parts of the UK, allowing your business to maximise its reach

    • Reporting. We share measurable data which allows you to optimise your marketing strategy, refine your target audience, and ensure you get the best possible return for your money.

    When you appoint us, you can be confident that your marketing assets will reach your desired audience – accurately and efficiently every single time. Contact us for a free bulk mailing consultation today.

    Yes. We offer high-quality printing at competitive rates. And because affordability shouldn’t come at the cost of quality, we provide you with the best value for money while ensuring your communications look professional and eye-catching.

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