Published July 27, 2023
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How to Use it for Targeted Marketing

Direct mail is one of the most powerful choices in any marketer’s toolbox, either online or off.

It is targeted, personal and tactile.

If done properly, direct mail marketing offers businesses significant advantages over online campaigns.

So, how does that work? And what does a great direct mail campaign look like? Well, that’s why we wrote this guide:

  • The statistical power of direct mail targeting your ideal audience
  • Why it has these advantages over online marketing
  • How we will use those advantages in your next ad campaign

The Power: Why Use Direct Mail Marketing

The ROI on direct mail campaigns (on average) outperforms online display ads and social media advertising across study after study.

In some studies, up to 96% of people at least briefly engaged with direct mail marketing through their door.

Compare that to engagement rates of a social media advert for example. A top-tier online marketing company expect 2-5% engagement per social media ad.

Despite that, online is heavily saturated so you’re always trying to outspend a rival company.

That’s more competition, for viewers less likely to engage.

Think about it.

When you use direct mail to carefully target a potential customer, your material might well be the only thing they receive that day.

And, if the targeting is done right, they’re highly likely to be receptive to your message.

Compare that to a single social media app feed, where a person could easily see upwards of 100+ dedicated ads per day.

All these figures mean one thing.

Your direct mail campaign will stand out just by virtue of being posted through a potential customer’s door.

But, with a little more effort we can do even better. Direct mail marketing can and often does have a high response rate. Such as 9% in the American Association of National Advertisers Response Rate Report from 2022.

Which blows the average email marketing response rate, of about 0.6%, out of the water.

So, in sum, a great and well-targeted direct mail marketing campaign (like one of ours) offers your business:

  • Lower competition
  • Very high engagement rates
  • Higher response rates than online ads or email
  • An excellent Return on Investment rate

How to do Direct Mail Properly (Top Tips)

With great power comes great… something something.

In all seriousness though, if you’re reaching directly into people’s homes? You better make sure you’re sending something worth their time.

Because, as we have seen, with direct mail, people will give your message more of a chance. So here are some expert techniques we use to make the most of that opportunity.

  • Integrating your campaign with online marketing
  • Tracking results across the customer journey, both directly offline and online transitions
  • Creating visually appealing media that is hard to ignore
  • Offering value to customers that encourages response and fosters relationships

Lastly, something about direct mail can be super personal. Even more so in the modern day.

A simple trick such as hand signing each piece, or printing a signature at least, can really cement a customer’s relationship with your product or brand.

That’s one bit of advice you can have on the house.

For further details on the above direct mail marketing strategies and secrets we can offer your organisation’s next campaign, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

It might just change the way you look at marketing your business in the modern day!

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