Published September 14, 2022
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So, you want to build your brand name and drive direct sales, charitable donations or enquiries via your website or catalogue. Most businesses think that the way to do this is via social media and email marketing, which is absolutely essential to any marketing strategy. But, have you ever considered Inserts? In this post, we look at why you should include Inserts to your marketing mix as a key acquisition channel.

What are Inserts?

Inserts have become a great way to promote a wide variety of brand messages, but what are they? Simply put, they are the leaflets placed into parcels, newspapers and magazines from advertisers used as a direct response form of media.

What are the benefits of Inserts?

1. They capture your customers at home

Inserts let your customers browse your product range at home and get your brand in front of an audience that you already know is captive. They’re highly intrusive meaning that the engagement levels and imprint left by inserts are higher than that of other advertisements. In fact, they’re the ONLY form of effective physical advertising out there. How else can someone experience and engage with your brand via the touch and feel of the premium paper, from the comfort of their own home?

2. They make your brand stand out

Want to set your brand apart? INSERTS’s are the way to go. Online, we’re constantly bombarded with advertising messages, to the point where the majority of consumers no longer take notice of the ads that they see. With inserts, you have a real opportunity to create an ad that looks different and stands out, and therefore gets noticed.

3. Increased dwell time

Online ads can easily be blocked or ignored; however an Insert could sit on someone’s coffee table for a week or more, giving it a much longer shelf life. Multiple people within the house will engage with the insert giving your brand more exposure.

4. Broader reach

According to research, more customers use Inserts to make purchase decisions than any other form of media, with a large portion of consumers saying that they actively look out for inserts and the deals that they promote.

5. Cost Effective

Inserts have the same potential when it comes to reach as direct mail but provide a much more cost effective strategy. There is no maximum or minimum budget required to run your first inserts campaign so click here to get in touch with the team today and discuss your inserts campaign.

6. Targeted

When it comes to Inserts, you can be highly targeted. You can create your campaign with your target audience in mind and ensure that you get the message you want to in front of them by distributing based on geographical data, consumer interest, age, gender, sector/industry and many options in between.

7. Link together print and digital

Inserts have a unique ability to bridge a link between print and digital advertising, through the use of QR Codes, unique web URL’s and robust portals.

Inserts provide one of the most cost-effective ways on the market to get your message in front of your target audience. If you have any questions about this post of Inserts, please get in touch and we will be happy to discuss with you.

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